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Glass photo tiles

July 02 2022
Photo Tiles
A new way to display your favorite photos

A New Way to Display Your Favorite Photos


From digital photo frames to highly-quality home photo printers, technology is making it easier than ever to share and display your favorite images and photos. New stickable glass photo tiles are the latest innovation in photo sharing and will make a great decorative addition to your home. Learn more about how these products work. 


Creating Custom Glass Photo Tiles


These days, most of us store our favorite photos on our phones and computers. One of the great things about glass photo tiles is that you can simply send the image files to a company like Happytiles and they can create your tiles. You don’t have to worry about losing original photos and it couldn’t be more convenient. All you have to do is share your image and shipping address and your glass tile pictures will be sent directly to your home.


women hang glass picture frame


Make Decorating Easy


Homeowners often stress about finding the right frame for the image and their home. With stickable glass photo tiles, you don’t have to stress about the frame. The glass tile pictures are created using lightweight tempered glass, and hundreds of ink nozzles that work to create clear and crisp images. Adhesion promoters are used to ensure that the ink adheres securely and precisely to the glass. This creates a sleek and modern glass photo tile that will look great in any home and provide you with a polished piece of decor.  


As an added bonus, these glass photo tiles are stickable and re-stickable. There is no need to use nails or put any holes in your walls. The adhesive backing is strong enough to hold the tile in place and flexible enough to allow you to rearrange photos as needed. 


women stick glass photo tile to gallery wall


While you might expect that custom glass photo tiles would be expensive, they are actually quite affordable. They also come with a quick manufacturing turnaround time so that you can have your glass tile pictures in just a matter of days. 


By combining different technologies and innovative solutions, companies have been able to create a new way for you to display your favorite images. Glass photo tiles will appear to float on your wall and help you decorate your home with beautiful photo walls. 


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