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Photography tips - How to take better pictures

July 06 2022
Photography Tips
7 Tips that will help you upgrade your photos

Photography Tips - How to Take Better Pictures


In the past, capturing high-quality images required expensive equipment. Now that smartphones allow you to carry a high-resolution camera around in your pocket, photography is more accessible than ever. With that in mind here are some expert tips that will help you take your smartphone photography skills to the next level.


Utilize Natural Light


While smartphones do have impressively sensitive sensors that can make adjustments for lighting conditions, natural light will always provide the best results. That means that if you enjoy outdoor photography and snapping photos of animals, plants, and landscapes, you will be able to capture beautiful images.


Avoid Using the Digital Zoom Feature


Digital zoom is a convenient feature, but ultimately, it will reduce the resolution of the image and make it appear grainy. If your smartphone comes with an optical zoom option, you can use this without affecting the quality of the final image. Otherwise, your best bet is to simply move closer to the subject of the photo to protect the overall quality of the final product. 


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Use the Rule of Thirds


Whether you are using a smartphone or a manual camera, the rule of thirds will help improve your compositions. Start by thinking of the phone screen as being split into a three-by-three grid. As you position your phone for the shot, try to make sure that the focal point of the photo is in the middle square or close to where the gridlines intersect. You can even enable a grid in your phone’s camera settings so that you don’t imagine the grid. This will help create more balanced images that highlight the most interesting part of the image while also capturing the background and surrounding objects.


In Dark Conditions, Use a Flat Surface


Whether you are in a dark restaurant or at a concert, it can be difficult to capture the moment in these lighting conditions. Oftentimes, you will experience camera shake, which will create a blurry image. To combat these challenges, simply prop your phone on a flat surface like a table. This will help create a more crisp and clear image.


Clean Your Lens


Keep in mind that your phone is probably being put in and out of your pocket or handbag dozens of times a day. Not to mention sitting on the kitchen counter or resting in your car’s cup holder. This means that there is a good chance that your camera lens will have picked up a little dirt and debris. Taking a moment to clean the lens before your snap photos is a simple way to improve your shots.



Use the Burst Feature


The best part about smartphones is that you can quickly capture multiple images and then choose the one you like best. Take advantage of the burst photo or live photo features, which will allow you to scroll through and find the exact moment you would like to highlight. Even a fraction of a second and a slight movement can make a difference and with smartphones, you don’t have to have perfect timing to get the best photo.



The good news is that you don’t have to have thousands of dollars of equipment or have studied photography to take excellent pictures that help you capture memorable moments and your favorite people. Follow these tips to fully utilize your smartphone capabilities and take even better photos.  


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