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Affordable home decor ideas for spring

July 02 2022
6 Easy ways to decorate for spring on a budget

Affordable Home Decor Ideas for Spring


Spring is in full swing, which means that many of us are beginning the ritual of spring cleaning and doing some home improvement projects. The budding trees and sprouting flowers inspire a sense of renewal and the urge to shake off the winter cobwebs. To help you make the most of your home projects, we’ve put together a list of affordable home decor ideas that will add some warmth and personality to your home this spring.


Buy Colorful Throw Pillows


You can easily add color and texture to your living room or bedroom with new throw pillows. Add interest with varying sizes, shapes, and colors. Incorporating more fabrics will soften any room and make it feel cozy and inviting.


Hang Stickable Photo Tiles


Display all your favorite moments and memories with custom photo tiles. You can download images from your computer, including directly from social media accounts, and have them printed onto 8x8 photo tiles. Choose the frames you like and have them shipped to your home. From there, you can use the photo tile frames to create a picture wall and a great focal point. Perhaps best of all, they come with adhesive tape so that you can easily hang and move tiles without marking up your walls or making nail holes.


photo tiles home decor


Install New Fixtures


While you might not have the budget for a complete home remodel, replacing old fixtures is an easy and affordable way to change the feel of a room and give it new life. Take a look at doorknobs, drawer pulls and handles, and even light switch plates. These can all be quickly swapped out for a new style.


Add Decorative Mirrors


Mirrors are great for giving the illusion of more space. If you have a cramped entryway or small dining room, hanging a mirror will make the room feel more open and spacious. This is also a great trick for anyone trying to sell their home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.


Create an Focal Point with Wallpaper


Wallpaper was once all the rage in home decor, but it was also difficult to hang and even harder to remove. Fortunately, wallpaper prints and adhesive technology have improved by leaps and bounds. You can choose from different application options depending on your budget and whether you want to be able to easily take it down. Also, instead of covering the entire room, think about just using wallpaper to create an accent wall. 


Add a Ceiling Medallion


Adding trim and molding to a room can make it feel a lot more expensive and luxurious. If you aren’t quite ready for that step, consider installing a ceiling medallion at the base of a fan or overhead light fixture. This simple and inexpensive detail can help change the feel of a room. 

When it comes to home decor, it is all about the details. You don’t have to have a big budget to change the look and feel of your home. Focus on the small things you can do because they will make a big difference.


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